673 league


Every year, the community of the 673 boxes in Brunei gathered together at the 673 League Finals to witness the fittest teams between the boxes take on each other with a goal to be crowned as the Champions of The 673 League. However, the Finals do not happen before first finding out the teams that is going to be there. Teams will first be drafted by respected gyms of 673, here the head coaches are responsible to pick the team captains before arriving to a final teams draft! (THIS IS WHEN SIGN UPS ARE IMPORTANT) When you have signed up, your name will be put in a team and/or individually on the leaderboard!

The format of the 673 League is similar to the Opens, there will be 5 workouts released, with the difference is only that they're going to be released every 2 weeks and you only have that 2 weeks to improve your score! You may choose to do it individually or in a team but either way your name will be in the leaderboard; and see how you stack up against the rest of the 673 community!

If you're in a team, (which we highly recommend you do!) your scores will be averaged between you and your teammates and ranked against other teams in the team's leaderboard! The top team from each box and two other teams in top five standings will go through to the 673 League Finals!

2018 season will start with the release of the first workout on the 3rd of September and here are the rest of the dates for the next 4 workouts!

  1. Workout 1 Sept 3-16 "Jump Shot"
  2. Workout 2 Sept 17-30 "Do You Even Lari?"
  3. Workout 3 Oct 1-14 "Box Buffet"
  4. Workout 4 Oct 15-28 "So a Rower Walked into a Bar..."
  5. Workout 5 Oct 29 - Nov 4 "Berjalan Dengan Tangan"

2018 673 League Finals - Sunday, 18th November

 Sign up here , because sign ups are only accepted until midnight of 31st August 2018.