September 2018 Athlete of the Month #AOTM

Hey, team! Thanks for patiently waiting on the series! Each month, our coaches will choose one member to be featured in this series. We hope this series would boost our athlete’s motivation, show our appreciation for our members and also empower our athletes to do their best in their training!

Safwan first stepped in our box after being intrigued by a friend. He would strike anyone as the ‘quiet’ and ‘introverted’ type, calmly listening in classes and quietly getting his workout in. To our pleasant surprise, he became one of our early comers on most days and one of our most regular attendees.

Safwan really started turning heads when he would attack workouts in his first few months of CrossFit with high skilled gymnastics and started throwing heavy barbells over his head. Guess it’s true what they say, the quiet ones are usually the deadliest?

They also say that quiet ones are the craziest (and we mean this in the most loving way possible). As Safwan grew comfortable with our community, we started seeing the real him. Don’t be surprised if you walk in the box one day to find him randomly dropping into a split or forcing someone to do some (pretty extreme) stretches with him. He can bust out into a random dance in the middle of a class or you’ll just find him twerking at the corner.

Not all beasts are scary. We have friendly ones who love to dance and twerk. We have Safwan. Come over and say hi to him! The worst thing he can do is invite you to join a stretching session.

I think I would like to keep doing CrossFit because I see progress and it keeps me fit.
— Safwan Ahman

What sports have you done before joining CrossFit?

Growing up, I didn’t really do any sports except for Wushu (I don’t really know if that’s considered a sport, it was more of performing arts). In university, I did Taekwondo and a bit of dance.

How did you stumble upon CrossFit?

My friend actually started doing it and I keep seeing her posts on several PRs on Instagram. She went from not being able to do a certain movement to finally getting. I watched her stick with CrossFit for 3 years, and it got me interested. When I came back to Brunei from university, I decided to pay the box a visit.

Ever since you joined, have you made any new friends in the community?

I’ve made a lot of new friends! It’s unlike all the other gyms I’ve been to. Usually, it’s just me doing my workout alone. The community vibe is definitely stronger here. It feels more like a family here.

What made you stay with CrossFit?

I like CrossFit because it’s different every day. The coaches teach me new stuff, especially in gymnastics and weightlifting. I mainly like gymnastics. I like doing handstands and muscle ups. That’s mainly why I stay.

We know you have so many things on your plate. You are an intern as a research assistant, you work really late nights as a barista but we still see you show up and bring your A game in a workout. How do you do that?

I feel like CrossFit is the ‘break’ part of my day. Working gets me so mentally tired but coming to the gym makes me feel happy and I see it as the resting part of my day.

What is your fondest memory here since you joined CrossFit?

It was when I got my first muscle up. I remember it was during the night class of the fasting month. The best part was when I knew everyone was cheering me on. It took me about 2 hours until I finally got it!

The community vibe is definitely stronger here. It feels more like a family here.
— Safwan Ahman

What has been by far your favourite movement?

My current movement would be handstand push ups. I like doing handstands itself and a handstand push up is just another way of doing it, which is pretty cool!

Do you see yourself doing CrossFit in the long term?

I think I would like to keep doing CrossFit because I see progress and it keeps me fit.

Article written by: Liyana Sidek

Nashrul Abu Bakar