October 2018 Athlete of the Month #AOTM

Hey, team! Apologies for the super late post on this month’s Athlete of the Month series! Each month, our coaches will choose one member to be featured in this series. We hope this would boost our athlete’s motivation, show our appreciation for our members and also empower our athletes to do their best in their training!

Picture credit goes to Azeez Danial

Picture credit goes to Azeez Danial

Meet the quiet and elegant Nony Rahman, whose demeanour shouldn’t fool you. Secondary school history teacher by day, a gentle wonder woman by night. When not teaching, she can be found doing all sorts of physical activities or at our box – busy ripping barbells off the ground and being gymnasty! Who says a woman can’t do everything? We’ve seen Nony do it all, and we’re interested to know how and why. She shared some things that we never knew about Nony, maybe you’d be interested in knowing too!

How did you stumble upon CrossFit and fitness in general?
I first heard of CrossFit sometime in 2012 from a friend but I never really got interested because everything about it sounds so tiring! I decided quickly that CrossFit was not for me. At that time, I wasn’t at all interested in exercising. I think I was only interested in exercising about once a year!

The reason I am here now in 2018 is because my friend kept pestering me about trying CrossFit out. The more she asked, the more I kept pushing it off with my answers “Not now” or “Maybe one day!”. Then, I became inactive from any kind of physical activity for about 4 months because of a fractured wrist and my cholesterol level shot up! At the same time, my membership to a previous gym expired and all my friends are here doing CrossFit! I finally thought why not and gave in to my friend’s constant pester. Now, I’ve been a member since May 2018!

I got into fitness, in general, some time in 2015. I found out that I was obese at that time and it was important that I lost weight. I knew I needed to start somewhere but I just didn’t know how. I saw my friend posting a lot of her running activities on Instagram so I decided to join her. That’s how my fitness journey began. From then on, we’ve joined different fitness activities together like bootcamp, running and hiking. We also joined the Spartan race!

How do you make time and juggle all your other fitness activities?

My friends and I plan our fitness activities after work. We come for CrossFit during the weekdays while Fridays are dedicated for Spartan trainings. Sometimes during the weekend, we also run and hike together.

Do you feel like it gets tiring being so physically active?

We always say “Oh, it’s so tiring!” but somehow, all these activities have already become a habit to us. It’s our stress reliever.

... I only ever think about competing against myself. It keeps me on my toes and helped me push myself a lot more.
— Nony Arzizan Rahman

 This is the first ever 673 league you joined with us! How has it been for you?

So far so good! I learned quite a lot of things especially the skills in CrossFit that are new to me. I even PRed my wall ball shots, double unders and even my toes to bars which I never thought I could do, because I started all the way from zero! When I got my first toes to bar, I was so happy! Then I got 2 reps, then 5 and now I can do more than that!

At first, the thought of joining the league was a little bit intimidating but the surrounding and the community gave me that push to join. I think it was because everyone was so eager to join and it seemed like a lot of fun! I must admit, the league turned out fun!

Being no stranger to competitions and races, would you consider ever competing in CrossFit?

Probably, yes. Even in the previous races that I’ve joined, I never really think about competing with others. I only ever think about competing against myself. It keeps me on my toes and helped me push myself a lot more.

Do you see yourself doing CrossFit in the long term?

Yes, because there’s still so much to learn here in CrossFit. There are so many movements that I want to learn about and that has kept me interested. CrossFit also has helped me in my mental strength. I think mental strength is very important as it can also affect your daily life. I feel like it plays a significant role, like it helps us think clearly and make better judgements. I also think positive vibes are very important which is why I like CrossFit. The support from the community here makes things a lot more positive.

As a teacher, do you think being physically active could be good for students?

As a teacher, I always encourage my students to take their academics seriously and at the same time be active with physical activities. Being physically active can affect your mentality. I always tell my students to make sure that they stay active and healthy because it can give them better focus on their studies. I always remind them to get enough sleep and exercise regularly. All these things affect their behavior in the class.

How would you describe CrossFit in 1 sentence?

CrossFit is one of the awesome way to get fit!


Article written by Liyana Sidek.

Nashrul Abu Bakar