November 2018 Athlete of the Month #AOTM

Photo by Azeez Danial

Photo by Azeez Danial

...I’d like to do it as much as I can. I also like the community! I enjoy the people around me.
— Amir Wahdaly on CrossFit

We think it’s about time we introduce you to our infamous Amir Wahdaly, if you haven’t met him already. Because let’s be honest, you can’t miss DAT HAIR.

Amir is our 21 year old resident funny guy who has just recently graduated with a Diploma in IT. Right now, besides practically living in the gym, he says he’s in between “stuff”.

He didn’t start off as one of our bubbly guys though. Amir used to keep to himself a lot when he first joined us, thinking no one would notice him. But it’s hard to miss Amir. Not with that drive to get better. Not with that passion to learn new things. Not with DAT HAIR.

We all watched Amir grow as an athlete and as a person. His personality started showing more after his very first Opens in 2017 which has positively affected him. From then on, he started putting in double the work. We watch him do multiple workouts a day, work on his gymnastics and lift like no one’s business!

The box feels a little bit more like home with him around. If you’ve had a long day at work and you’re stepping in our box, make sure you find Amir. He’s sure to put a smile on your face – and you’ll see why after you read this interview we had with him.


Hi Amir! Did you play any sports growing up?

I didn’t really do much. At most, I tried running but I fell …. And broke my arm ….. *cricket* …..

*clears throat* Ok Amir, other than breaking your arm … what else have you tried?

I remember being the goal keeper when I was in high school. And recently I tried dodgeball! I wasn’t really good but …. Yeah.

What did you like about football and dodgeball?

I liked the community. The team. I liked being in a team, like CrossFit!

So you like team sports! Have you ever tried any individual sports?

I haven’t played any individual sports. Unless you count video games a sport.

What went through you mind when first walked in your first class with us?

I remember thinking “I hope they don’t make me run”. I also thought “I hope to stick with this”.

How has your first thoughts changed since then?

The running part still hasn’t changed. But nowadays, I’m here at the box almost everyday.

Why did you start this fitness journey? What was your “why”?

I do fitness to feel better. I used to have heart problems. Soooo now I don’t have those problems and I feel better!

I actually first joined CrossFit because my friend, Danial, recommended it to me.

I like CrossFit because it’s not all cardio. There’s a lot of weight training and functional fitness …. *eeeyyyaaaaahhh* …. stuff.

Amir, you’ve lost 26kg ever since you started with us -

Oh how’d you know???

*clears throat* (Amir, let me finish) How was that process like for you?

Well, my eating habit has changed. I eat less um, bad stuff now. I mean I still eat them! But in moderation. I used to go to CrossFit 3 days a week but now I come in the box almost everyday. If I don’t come in the box, I’d feel like I’m missing out on something.

How would you describe CrossFit in one sentence?

“Fun!”. Ok? … What?

Amir, that’s one word.

Oh, sentence! Ohhhh *laughs* *cricket*

Okkkkk, what are your goals right now, Amir?

Right now, the goal is to lose weight and to get better in CrossFit in general. So, by next year in the 2019 Opens, I can do way better than I did this year!

The 2017 Opens was my first CrossFit competition! I also joined 2018. For both, I did … okay. Not last place!

This time, I am working on more gymnastics and endurance. Endurance especially in long workouts. Because with long workouts, I just die.

What skills have you unlocked so far this year?

I recently got my strict pull ups, chest to bars, I can also string my pull ups now! But, 2018 is not over yet! I can do more stuff! *eeeeyyyaaahhhhh*

-        Amir is standing up during the entire interview -

Oh, wait, Amir did you want to sit down?

I heard standing up burns more calories so, I’m fine.

Photo by Azeez Danial

Photo by Azeez Danial

Ok, Amir. So has CrossFit helped you in your other sports?

It has made me last longer ….



………………………. *interview cuts off momentarily*

*clears throat* I meant to say, in dodgeball, the matches are pretty long like 10 mins of none stop action. I would usually get hit pretty early on because I’m an easy target. But now, I can dodge easily! I still can’t catch though but … yeah.

Do you see yourself sticking with CrossFit?

Yeah! I enjoy it! I’d like to do it as much as I can. I also like the community! I enjoy the people around me.

Would you recommend CrossFit to anyone out there? What would you say?

Yeah! Do it for yourself if you want to get fitter and healthier!

But you know, if you’re fine with where you are … manasaja.

Ok Amir, what last few words would you like to say to our readers?

*smiles* Hey there.

I don’t know what to say!!

Good bye.

What do people say usually???

*interview cuts off again to give Amir tips*


Hey, guys! Try it out! If you don’t have gym clothes, buy some. I did that.

Right now, the goal is to lose weight and to get better in CrossFit in general. So, by next year in the 2019 Opens, I can do way better than I did this year!
— Amir Wahdaly

Article Written by Liyana Sidek.

Nashrul Abu Bakar