May 2018 Athlete of the Month #AOTM

Happy Friday, fitness lovers!

Today marks the first post of our Athlete of the Month series that we have always wanted to start. Each month, our coaches will choose one member to be featured in this series. We hope this series would boost our athlete’s motivation, show our appreciation for our members and also empower our athletes to do their best in their training.


Photo credits: Khairul I. Irwan

Photo credits: Khairul I. Irwan

They say diet and exercise always goes hand in hand and one can never do without that other. Our May Athlete of the Month who happens to be a dietitian can vouch for that!

On the 8th of July 2017, Al-Bahri had his tonsillectomy which caused him to stop any exercise or physical activity. After the realization that he has gotten weaker and constantly tired with a declining stamina, Al walked in our bootcamp class for the very first time on the 9th of October 2017.

There’s always that one guy who smiles through a really long and tough workout. Al is, without a doubt, that guy. While everyone remains lifeless 5 minutes after the workout is done, Al is already on his feet walking about with a huge smile on his face. #youjustgottabelikeAl

Photo credit: Khairul I. Irwan

Photo credit: Khairul I. Irwan

There will always be someone in the community to help me with my exercises by providing positive feedbacks, correcting my forms or just simply motivating me by words of encouragements.

Al proves to be passionate about his job as a dietician when members and athletes ask him questions about nutrition. He became a regular member in our bootcamp classes and we watched him perform better as every week passed. His motivation escalated when he moved to the CrossFit classes and started to stay back after classes to work on his weightlifting and gymnastics. Al is the strongest and fittest we have ever seen him, and he remains the friendly face we have always known since Day 1.

What made you first try a class with us?

It was actually one of my friends whom I usually go running with, who persistently persuaded me to join the BootCamp classes. Initially, I was reluctant to join him as I was not familiar with BootCamp or CrossFit and I’ve never thought of joining any of these classes. However, considering that I was inactive for the whole 3 months after I had my tonsillectomy on 8th July 2017 and also realising that my stamina and endurance started to decline, I eventually decided to give it a go.

Despite the reluctance in the beginning, what made you stay with us?

There are a lot of reasons that made me stay with CrossFit 673 Jerudong. The first time I joined BootCamp, I felt it was the most intense workout I’ve ever done because by the end of the workout, I was so breathless that I was about to puke. Nonetheless I kept on going for a few more BootCamp sessions and realised that I wasn’t as breathless as before and that the workout seems to be get easier every time. I also felt that my endurance and stamina started to improve. It is more obvious since we tracked our progress by writing down our scores such as weights, number of reps or number of rounds on the whiteboard. These measurable scores motivate me to be and do better than I did previously and it helps highlight which type of exercises that I need to improve on.
CrossFit and BootCamp offers different varieties of workout or exercises. So every day, we are doing different types of exercises, which doesn’t get old especially if you’re doing the same exercises day in and day out. I’m always excited and looking forward to come to CrossFit classes, just to see what kind of exercises we will be doing for that particular day.
Since CrossFit is a class-based exercise with multiple time slots, it drives me to attend the classes and be consistent at it too. Before I had my tonsillectomy, I joined another gym but I find it hard to commit to the classes as the timing for the classes they provide are not flexible enough for me.
CrossFit also provides a combination of cardio workout and strength training which helps me to burn the body fat but also minimizing muscle loss while improving my stamina, strength and endurance.
A coach will always be available during the class to help any members who is struggling doing a particular exercise or correct anyone who is doing the exercise incorrectly, which reduces the risk of injury and also maximises the effectiveness of that exercise.
Lastly what I like about CrossFit 673 Jerudong is that it is situated in a not so busy area, so it’s easy to find a parking. The gym too is spacious enough for doing the workouts comfortably, especially when it’s a full house. Plus, facilities such as a shower place, clean toilet, changing room, face towel and water are also available for my convenience.

We’re glad we’re seeing you a lot more after classes nowadays! Where did you get the motivation to stayback after classes to work more on your skill and strength?

Seeing other members and coaches doing skills such as double unders, pullups, handstand effortlessly motivates me to work on these skills as well. There are also current members who are also staying back and improving on their skills which makes it a norm and conducive environment to stayback and brush-up on skills or exercises that I want to improve on. And of course, to get my money’s worth too!

How would you describe our community?

Friendly, inviting and willing to lend a helping hand at new members who just joined CrossFit 673. The community consists of the coaches, old and new members. There will always be someone in the community to help me with my exercises by providing positive feedbacks, correcting my forms or just simply motivating me by words of encouragements.


We appreciate members like Al who puts in the work and holds a positive attitude no matter where he goes. No matter how bad your day is, friends like Al always make things a little bit better. We are most excited to see how far he goes in the near future!

Article written by Liyana Sidek.

Nashrul Abu Bakar