Stop Comparing. Start Doing.

Walking into a CrossFit box can be intimidating. Imagine walking in for the first time to a bunch of dudes slamming barbells to the ground, it’s not really something anyone gets used to on the first day. Months will go by and you’ll get used to it because you are part of the community and the experience.

The feeling of intimidation turns into the need to do better, perform better and just get better in every way. You look left and right, and you see different people excel in so many different ways. There’s always someone who can lift heavier, run faster, have more PR streaks or walk on their hands faster than you. That’s when the thought pops up in your head “Why is he/she getting better way faster than I am in _____?” This thought can keep you from achieving your goals that no amount of training can save you from.

You might find it odd that we tell you to focus on yourself, but we still encourage everyone to write down their scores on the whiteboard for the whole world to see. You can either take your score as a comparison to everyone else, get demotivated and pull yourself back from getting better, or you can choose to see the scores you put up as an indication of where you are and instead of comparing that to everyone else, compare that to where you want to be. For instance, at the end of the WOD, I would write my score on the whiteboard and notice that my time was far off from everyone else’s. I know for a fact that I took way too much time on those toes to bars and that time added up to my score. I could set myself a goal to work on stringing my toes to bars better instead of dwelling on how horrible I did in that workout.

Working out in a class also gives us a chance to compare ourselves to the person next to us. How much heavier is he going to lift? How much faster is she going to run? Is he going for big sets or smaller sets? While the competitor in you feels the need to know the abilities of the person next to you in order to beat them in a workout, we hate to break it to you but not everyday is a competition. You can still have a competitive spirit without feeling the need to crush the person next to you in every workout. Instead of getting to know other people’s capabilities better, you could get to know your own capabilities first. Know yourself, know your capabilities and have confidence in what you have trained for and what you can do.

The one thing that we overlook the most is that we each have our own journey. Mine could be different from yours. Your friend could get her first pull up way before you do. You could lift way more weights than your training partner. It doesn’t even matter because we all have very different journeys. If you are already working towards that goal that means everything to you, then you’re already on your way there.

Easier said than done, that’s for sure. But we try our best to not only shape physical fitness, but also mental fitness. It’s not one or the other, it’s a package after all!

We want our gym to be filled with athletes and friends who are willing to clap for each other as much as they clap for themselves. At the end of the day, we’re all working out together to get better….together. Not better than each other. #STRONGERTOGETHER


Article written by Liyana Sidek.

Nashrul Abu Bakar