August 2018 Athlete of the Month #AOTM

Hey, everybody! hope you are enjoying your short holiday so far!

First of all, we apologise for running late on yet another episode into our Athlete of the Month series! Each month, our coaches will choose one member to be featured in this series. We hope this series would boost our athlete’s motivation, show our appreciation for our members and also empower our athletes to do their best in their training!

CrossFit will always be something I will consider in the long run.
— Ruzanna Buntar

Every circle has that one friend that doesn’t say much but just gets the work done. Ruzanna is that friend at the box. Ruzanna joined us a year ago when she joined in our Foundations class. Always the quiet one, but always one of the last to pack up after a hard day’s work.

Ruzanna is a Senior Economic Officer by day and walks in the gym as one of the most motivated athletes by night. Similar to everyone else, she identifies her strengths and weaknesses, and continues to work on them. Despite her quietness, we knew she has a story to tell and it’s worth sharing!

Have you done sports prior to joining CrossFit?

I wasn’t really into sports. Back in high school, it was just the usual P.E classes. We played badminton and netball. When I was in Uni, one of my flatmate was into running so I started running a bit and I joined the gym, mostly because it was affordable too. Then when I started working, there weren’t that many choices for physical fitness back then. It was just the usual aerobics, hiking, running, spinning and yoga. Just before I started CrossFit, I worked out at a conventional gym for about a year or so before I got bored and stopped renewing my membership. At one point, I would get so stressed with work that I lost so much weight. That’s also when I stopped running and joined a conventional gym in hopes that I would gain weight! I also found that working out at a gym alone didn’t really do much for me, unless I got a personal trainer.

After all that, then I found CrossFit.

How did you find out about CrossFit?

I learned about CrossFit in 2012. I was in Bandar one Sunday and I come across a 673 booth at Waterfront. I joined the activities and that was my first exposure to CrossFit. However, I didn’t really start CrossFit immediately. I suppose I have always been intimidated by the barbells and weights. But then, last year, my sister told me about the Foundations program and I thought why not! I’ve just stopped renewing my membership at a conventional gym so I thought sure let’s try it!

You recently had an injury, and you took a break to recover. We realized that your come back has been stronger than ever! What drove that motivation to come back?

Initially, I really did think that CrossFit wasn’t for me. I had back pains that I think was from deadlifts. I didn’t go away after a week or so. I went to yoga and I struggled. When my yoga instructor asked me what was wrong, I explained to her that I injured my back doing CrossFit. She then advised me that the pain will go away with rest and the right kind of stretches. I took the advice and I told myself that I would give CrossFit another go. I gave myself one year to see if it would work for me.

Ever since I came back, I don’t stress so much about lifting weights or the numbers on the barbells anymore. I got injured because I wanted so much to keep up with other people’s numbers that I might have overdone it. I have learned to take extra care with myself and not care so much about other people’s numbers. To them, my weights on the barbell might look like nothing but to me, it’s already very heavy!

What made you stay with CrossFit?

What used to intimidate me about CrossFit were the barbells. But funnily enough, barbells now excite me! I guess if I’m doing it on my own, it can get scary but in a class, you can see how other people do it and get feedback from other people. I also like CrossFit because of the strength portion of the class.


What are your least favourite movements in CrossFit?

Push press, overhead squats and wall ball shots. I’m sure there are others, but those are my top 3!

When you’re doing your least favourite movements, do you think the choice of music helps go through them easier?

To be honest, when it’s a hard workout, I don’t consciously listen to the songs anymore. Soooo I’d say, no. I think any music is good to be in the background because if there was no music at all, you can really tell the difference!

What would be your ideal music to workout to then?

Anything with beats, I guess. So far, the playlist has been quite good!

What are you favourite movements?

I like squats, cleans, double unders and toes to bars!

Ever since you started CrossFit, you’ve seen our number of ladies increase as months go by. As a lady, do you see yourself doing CrossFit in the long run?

I can’t say for sure about being regular with it. If there would come a time where I would get too busy with work and can’t come to classes as regularly as I do now, it’s good to know that I can always walk in a class when I can now that I know what to expect. CrossFit will always be something I will consider in the long run.

What would you say to fellow ladies out there who wants to try out CrossFit but are intimidated by the boys?

It’s not that bad! I would say, just try it at least once. Join a foundations class if you’ve really never touched a barbell. But even if you don’t join a foundations class, I think it’s still okay. The classes are small enough for the coaches to focus their attention on you. I think CrossFit also offers a good mix, with cardio and strength already there. If you’re pressed for time, it is also a good option especially if you’re looking to build strength.

I have learned to take extra care with myself and not care so much about other people’s numbers.
— Ruzanna Buntar


We wish for all of our athletes to have the same determination and fighting spirit as Ruzanna. She has built her way up and is continuously finding ways to improve herself. Keep fighting, Ruzanna! We are with you all the way!

Article written by Liyana Sidek.

Nashrul Abu Bakar