Simple. Fun. Effective.

If lifting heavy weights or performing complex skills are not what you are looking for, Bootcamp is your next best option! Designed for anyone that is looking to get started and anyone that is looking to sweat out for the day! No heavy weights or complex skillsets required, just strong determination to complete 2 separate workouts in an hour!

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  • What can I expect in a Bootcamp class?

There will be a coach who is going to guide everyone in the class throughout the session. In a typical Bootcamp session, the session is broken up into 4 sessions; Warm Up, WOD 1, WOD 2 & Cool Down. 

Warm up is usually short and sweet. Raising your heart rate is the priority and this is also where movement introductions takes place. WOD 1, this is your first Workout Of the Day - Designed to develop your strength as well as your technique in the midst of a high intensity workout. WOD 2, is your last workout of the day. Designed as a "finisher" - which means this is where you maximize your effort and finish the day strong! And last but not least, Cool Down is where we slow down the heart rate, moving the blood throughout the body and regained our normal breathing. 


  • What is the difference between a CrossFit class and a Bootcamp class?

Our Bootcamp class requires no prior experience to exercising and mostly focuses on the cardio aspect of your fitness. We do this by incorporating easy-to-follow movements, designed to raise your heart rate and deliver results! 


  • I have never exercised before. Is Bootcamp suitable for me?

Yes! Bootcamp is perfect for anyone of any fitness levels, especially those who have never exercised before! Whether you are looking for a head start or simply, to keep up with your fitness, we highly recommend everyone to come try it!


  • I injured my (insert body part). Can I still do Bootcamp?

You definitely can. There will always be a coach guiding you throughout the class, so if you have any limitations to any movement, make sure you inform the coach prior to starting the class and he/she will adjust the movement accordingly!


  • Is there usually a lot of people coming to the session? 

Our Bootcamp is in a class format, so you will expect to be a part of a group. We have a limit of 20 people in one session - so, to avoid disappointments, make sure you book your spot in advanced!


  • I am not comfortable working out with a group, however, I'd still like to try a Bootcamp class!

No problem at all. Set up a private session with Nash (refer to the coaches tab for his contact details!) and we will sort out a private session for you! Read more on our Personal Training page!