A CrossFit class is typically structured into 4 parts; Warm Up, Skill/Strength Session, Workout of the Day and Cool Downs. The class usually takes an hour in that order respectively and is always led by a coach! A common CrossFit program typically involves a mixture of weightlifting elements; such as deadlifts, squats and presses using the barbells, and/or gymnastics skills; like pull ups, push ups or bar muscle ups together with typical conditioning element like running, rowing or skipping! These elements are mixed up everyday and it usually may/may not involve one or the other so it varies everyday and no routine can be expected. Perfect for everyday athletes who likes to challenge themselves or for someone who is just looking for longevity in their fitness journey! (Also perfect if you’re open to making new goofball friends)


If lifting heavy weights or performing complex skills are not what you are looking for, Bootcamp is your next best option! Also consisting of 4 parts, unlike a CrossFit class, a Bootcamp class typically involves 2 Workouts of the Day to replace the Skill/Strength Session. Designed for anyone that is looking to get started and anyone that is looking to sweat out for the day! No heavy weights or complex skillsets required, just strong determination to complete 2 separate workouts in an hour!


Foundations is highly recommended for athletes who are planning to attend a normal class regularly. Here, we go at a slow pace and bring you into the points of performance of every movements that you will encounter during a normal CrossFit class. Any one intending to start their fitness journey can benefit from this program as you will be taught the proper way in executing movements safely and the individual here will have a taste of what being a private training client feels like, at an affordable rate! Private Foundations class are 9 sessions total and capped at 6-8 people (all fitness levels are welcome!) to make it more intimate and heavily focused on each athlete in the class. Private Foundations are offered at these months January, March, April, July, September, November and December 2019.

Personal Training

If training with a class or group isn’t your preference (or you just don’t play well with others) we offer a one-on-one personal training; on either an ongoing and short-term basis. This program is perfect for those who are already training on their own but struggles to find the exact direction they’re headed to; and need that extra guidance or motivation from working with a coach. Not one athlete is similar to another, your Personal Training will be specifically designed with your end goal(s) in mind - whether it be weight loss or simply performing the common movements, uncommonly well.

Our facility has a wide range of strength and conditioning equipments you will need in order to work on your goals, plus a dedicated coach who will work one-on-one with you and making sure your training is worthwhile. Show up and put your workout hat on, let the coach take care of the rest.