Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts out excellent
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Foundations is a month-long program (12 sessions) aimed at new athletes who are interested to start going into one of the world’s fastest growing fitness programs! It is essentially a program where athletes will be slowly introduce to anything they need to know in order to be successful in a CrossFit class. The class will focus on introducing proper technique and form at a slow and learning pace. Which is why, there is only going to be 8 spots available, so the sessions are more engaging and the coach can focus on each individual’s needs and limitations, if any.

There are 12 sessions in a Foundations Program and it will be held every week for 4 week on the days as stated! Please skim through the Frequently Asked Questions section and let us know if you have further questions.



What can I expect in Foundations?

  • You can expect a learning-pace class.  Every session in the Foundations program is designed to familiarise you with how we run our daily CrossFit classes. The session should take no more than an hour and a half. You will see a consistent format where it starts with Warm Up, followed by Movement Introductions and the Workout Of the Day and it concludes with Cool Down.

    Warm Up is short and sweet and will prime your body for the hour. Movement Introductions is where we introduce a series of movements that are very common in our CrossFit classes, it is aimed at dialing in your techniques as well as safety, all whilst performing the movement. Workout Of the Day will consists of the movements that you have learned during the Movement Introductions, now that you know how to perform the movements safely, now it's time to apply it into a workout! Cool Down is where we wrap up the class by doing light stretches and give you an insight of what else is CrossFit as a takeaway for the day.

How many classes are there in Foundations?

  • Foundations classes altogether is 12 sessions! It is going to be held every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.15pm.

What if I could not attend all of the classes?

  • We understand that everybody has their commitments but fret not, these classes can be replaced anytime! However, we do advice for everyone to try and come to most of the classes.

I am just starting to exercise, is Foundations for me?

  • Worry not, the Foundations program is made for people of any levels of fitness! and especially, if you are just starting your journey!

Is it going to be intense?

  • The class will be at a much slower pace than our normal CrossFit class. This is because in Foundations, we prioritize each and every individuals in the class on not just knowing how to perform movements safely but also why we do it.

Can I lose weight just by attending Foundations?

  • Foundations is not a workout program, but rather an introductory program. So, no, attending Foundations will not make you lose weight, but if your goal is to lose weight, this program will definitely help you to start!





Private Foundations are offered all year round. And it can be set during a time when it is convenient for you! Although the number of sessions are only 3 Sessions, we made sure it is jam-packed with every knowledge that you need to know. As soon as you're signed up for Private Foundations, you will be assigned to a coach who will discuss with you about the time and day that you preferred. Perfect for those who are limited with time, but still eager to learn!

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What can I expect?

  • In a Private Foundations Class, the coach will bring you through a series of movement introductions with you and make necessary tweaks to your technique where necessary. This may last up to 1 or 1 hour and a half!

Is it going to be intense?

  • Private Foundations aims to introduce you to the common movements that you will encounter in a typical CrossFit class. Here, we will introduce to you those movements, how to execute them properly and safely. These are all done in a much much slower pace and all the energy is going to be spent on moving well.

What’s the difference between Foundations and Private Foundations?

  • The two program are of no difference in terms of what are being taught. The only difference is that, Private Foundations is done in a much less sessions and perfect for those who wants to experience Personal Training at a more affordable rate!